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We have a clear statement: 

Our Mission

We want to be the central point   for consumers, financiers, producers and creative people, who collectively support new projects with us as a partner. There are infinitely brilliant ideas, which, unfortunately, never get realized. That is what we are aiming to change.

What EARTHBACK is all about

Our Philosophy

"We promote sustainable and conscious economic activities through partnerships, in which our fundamental values are entirely respected"


Ethical values

Fashion and Sustainability

For EARTHBACK, these terms are not opposite, but they are united. It is about   the people, the planet and progress with Style: For us, this is not just a mega-trend, but also a setting that starts with own rethinking.

We choose our partners carefully to ensure that all are acting fair and responsible towards humans, animals and also the environment. 

Man and nature in harmony

Sustainable economic activities mean for EARTH BACK to say 'No' to polluting production processes, hunger wages and unfair practices in the textile value chain. A good quality of the products that we promote is very important to us. EARTHBACK does not want to offer „disposable products“.


We try to have an eye on our processes with the latest technologies and a close, trusting relationship with our manufacturing partners and suppliers. More transparency in the textile chain is our goal. We build on products that are convincing with good design and honest manufacturing.

Wear fairness

We believe that people should not have to suffer, just so that others can wear cheap fashion. Social compliance is therefore very important to us. There are numerous certificates and standards dealing with the working conditions in the manufacturing enterprises. We choose partners carefully, because we know that there is another, better way.

EARTHBACK's areas of responsibility:

Everyone who is part of the EARTHBACK community, should be able to deploy strength to the fullest.
EARTHBACK monitors the processes and supports every part of the community.

You have a great idea? We'll help you to realize it!
EARTHBACK supports in the development of your idea. You can come to us, no matter in what stage of development your idea currently is. Together we will find a solution in order to perform a successful project.

You want to produce? We know where!
EARTHBACK is well connected. We constantly aim to enlarge our network of reliable manufacturers and suppliers. You will of this development in your projects.


The choice is yours!
EARTHBACK provides exclusive fashion that is outstanding from the mass. You can decide which design ideas should turn into successful projects. We offer you the possibility to support great ideas by purchasing a quality product through the crowdfunding projects.



EARTHBACK is taking new ways and follows thereby various goals:


Through our  Stylefunding projects, we are aiming to enlarge the EARTHBACK Community. More communication between producers, consumers, key partners and creative people should arise. Common conventional industrial processes and structures are to break up and to create more transparent. Every person who is becoming on his own way part of the EARTHBACK Community, contributes to a transparent, social correct and environment-freindly production of fashion and textile items.

Democracy and  

We want to enable creative people to realize their dream of producing own products for the general market. Consumers should be able to actively co-decide the range of products, therefore, at EARTHBACK, the consumer becomes also decision-maker.

Sustainable living and 
economic activity

Without focusing on one respective target group, we are aiming to select our partners along fixed criterias. Thereby not only the design, but also sustainable living and economic activity are in the foreground.   EARTHBACK expects that all products, Ideas, projects and processes within the EARTHBACK eco-systems follow these fundamental values.

Finding Investors 
for our plans

To realize our ideas to the fullest we need people, who believe in us as well as the concept and who are helping us with the needed resources along the way. Only then we will be able to set the head stone for a world with more responsible products.

The Team

Who hides behind EARTHBACK?

Behind the name EARTHBACK stands a motivated, attractive, dynamic and qualified team of mployees from different expertise. The bundled know-how of experienced entrepreneurs, economists, clothing engineers and managers from the fields of design, online marketing, IT and Internet advertising, helps us to realize our vision. We all have one common goal: I WANT MY EARTH BACK ™