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Here in this section you can find actual projects that are still looking for support. We count on you!

You arrived! Here you can take your chance to co-decide the future of the products in EARTHBACK’s pipeline. Soon, all the projects that run through our ECO-system will be listed here. Rejoice on products that are far away from fast fashion: Externally beautiful, fair and environmentally friendly produced- projects with style.

Come back soon to keep track of what's new. It is certainly something for you soon!


die earthbag von earthback, das erfolgsmodell geht in die zweite Runde

EARTHBAG No. 2 we start agein

We decided to fund our EARTHBAG again since our last projekt has been a great success. Additionally we overlooked a few aspects and redesigned the flap at the shoulderstrap. Now the transformation gets even faster and more comfortable than before. Support this projekt and help the EARTHBAG 2.0 to become reality.

OVER4ALL - play outside no matter if it rains

The Overall for all kids that like to play outside no matter if it rains. This projet is special! The design is inspired from the dayly work of a nursery schooteacher. It comes with nice features and is easy to put on and off for the kids on their own. It protects the clothes underneath from dirt and water.

future.feat gets a technical feature

future.feat is a young fashion label for BMXer and Skater. It's special becuase the garments come with a gadget which helps you share your social media data with new friends. Support this rojekt and get styled and connected!

Kleiner weiser Hase

Here we go! with the biker jacket of the young fashion label "Kleiner weiser Hase". Its a Kids label which comes with cheeky and extravagant styles. Kleiner weiser Hase knows how to create special looks by mixing different fabrics and combining them with innovative cuts.


Denimdirndl is a projekt of 4 young design students. The idea is to crate new things from worn jeans. Upcycling at its finest. This projekt combines classical bavarian dresses with unusual materials and fresh young design. If you want to be an eyecatcher at every "Volksfest" support this innovative projekt